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Improved exploration in random forest based classifiers

We use Upper Confidence Bound and Thompson sampling to determine split criteria at each node in a random forest in a bid to improve its exploratory capabilities when doing classification.

Internship at Google India

An account of my internship at Google Hyderabad during summer 2017.

Internship at Stride AI

I spent a month interning at Stride AI, a company that aims to simplify natural language processing for financial institutions.

Optimizing Sequence to Sequence Learning models for BLEU score

We came up with varied loss functions to try and improve the convergence properties of sequence to sequence learning models with respect to the BLEU score.

Paraphrase Generation Using Deep Generative Models

A Paraphrase generation model that uses control variables in the latent space of a variational autoencoder to determine length of the generated sentence.


Some of my recent mentorship activities include:

  • Course mentor for CS771: Introduction to Machine Learning, taught by Prof. Purushottam Kar, IIT Kanpur
  • Project mentor for “Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning” for five freshmen under Association of Computing Activities, IIT Kanpur
  • Academic Mentor for introductory calculus and Linear Algebra courses under Counselling Service, IIT Kanpur